Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Why hate?" he says. "The world is full of hate, and yet they don't know what they want."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

united states

it's barack! he is what the generation needs, even if it's just the facade. 

not so familiar with biden, but the sight of palin makes me sick.

i wonder when the economy will pick up (it'll take years i believe) and not hear sighs so every now and then from the kopitiam tables next to me. everything was dandy and then, crashed! nowadays, the only green people talk about is the greenback.

got myself 3 new books (nassim taleb & warren buffett). i bought 5 on a whim, when i was browsing the airport bookstore with my bro whilst waiting for my parents' flight to arrive. i am most glad to sacrifice my clothes budget if my bro actually showed his interest in books - to the extent of committing himself to one should i buy for him. i plonked the books, along with his 2 picks on the counter before he could change his mind. i would get him more, but i decided not to tempt with his fragile & mild interest in reading by my being zealous. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

jingle in the air

over dinner last night at the airport, the girls started making plans for christmas. suggestions, valid or wild flew across the table. mainly the choices are havin fun indoor or party out. 

while things look like they will take a while before they settle, talking about holiday cheers the spirit like good ol' christmas does every year. christmas is warmth loved ones are love and presents are joy.

i'm feeling a little bit of christmas jingle in me each day already!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i asked him today.

i asked him today when he told me "i love you," how he knows it's love. 

he said it is a feeling. 

i asked him if he loved someone else before, 
he said no.

i asked him if he hadn't, how would he know this is love? 
he said he knows it when he's with me. 

i asked him how he knows the feeling is love?
he said it's the feeling of willing to make sacrifices and wanting to spend many many years with a person. 

i said "me too."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

films, not pixels

a stranger deep in his thoughts.

last frame on the roll, i love the way it turned out. first time using Lucky black and white film with my mudan.

sunset. an empty train station.

fuji superia, vivitar UWS hereafter.

there's a tinge of laziness in the afternoon.

nautical colors.



Thursday, October 9, 2008

to fall in love and get married with your loved one, isn't that a most normal wish?

the future looks bleak. it's blur.
so much uncertainty.
there's only so much time left.
there's only so much time left to wait.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

which one is nice?

nothing irks me more than a bad haircut. worst if it is a bad haircut gone too short. i get very cranky. sigh. i miss my fussfree days where my hair always fall into good hands. these days my luck with stylists seemed to turn bad. last night over supper, i commented on one of my male friend's hair. looks great on him and i thought maybe i can get to try his stylist. turns out the stylist is one who is home-based after years working at a pretty well-known salon in SG. and it turns out that most of my friends present at the table visits the stylist, and even their girlfriends, through word-of-mouth. seems like i really have to give the stylist a try, i hope i've found my saviour!